The Top 9 Best Running Shoes

There are plenty of things to consider while choosing the best running shoes. Whether you are an average person who is planning to shed some few pounds or someone who is planning for next marathon, the significance of finding the best running shoes remains the same. 

After doing plenty of research and testing the best best running shoes from the markets using our team of testers, we have come up with the list of top 9 best running shoes.

The Top 9 Best Running Shoes

  1. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro – best Adidas running shoes

  2. Nike ZOOM AlphaFly Next% – best long distance running shoes

  3. HOKA Rincon 2 – best running shoes for flat feet

  4. Inov-8 Terra ultra G 270

  5. Saucony Endorphin Pro – best stability running shoes

  6. Nike React Infinity Run – best stability running shoes

  7. Allbirds Dasher – best running shoes for beginners

  8. Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3

  9. Hoka One One Unisex Carbon X SPE

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best nike running shoes for women


1. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro – high quality running shoes

best running shoes


Price: £170

Heel drop: 10mm 

Weight: 246g 

Pros: Cushioned; responsive; comfortable uppers

Cons: Lacks stability; very hard to find

The Adios Pro  is one of the best Adidas running shoes – not to be confused with another ongoing carbon-plate shoe the Adizero Pro – set Adidas back in the leading pack with regards to top-end execution. They consolidate a phenomenally comfortable, breathable, adaptable work upper – with a lot of room in the toe box – with Adidas’ lightest and most responsive padded sole foam to date, Lightstrike Pro.

Dissimilar to other carbon shoes, there’s no foot-long plate. Instead, you get five Energy Rods, one under every metatarsal to furnish that propulsive toe spring alongside a different nylon plate that sits over the padded sole in the impact point to help with security at the lower leg joint.

With regards to responsiveness they’re at their best when you’re running at paces with great structure yet they don’t exactly have the full-scale punch of a Nike Vaporfly Next%.

The 39.5mm pile of padded sole froth squeaks in under the World Athletics rules for street shoes and keeping in mind that there’s a 10mm drop, a lot of that differential comes at the toe, which means these run compliment than some other max-froth carbon shoes, however, there’s little security. The bundle you arrive in is Adidas’ best quick miles shoe we’ve seen in for a spell.

If you are looking for high quality running shoes, then this is the first option.

2. Nike ZOOM AlphaFly Next% – best long distance running shoes

best running shoes for men


Price: £260

Heel drop: 4mm 

Weight: 232g 

Pros: The speediest shoe around; lightweight; functions admirably when you’re running great 

Cons: Lacks stability; hard to get hold of

Nike ZOOM AlphaFly Next% Is one of the best Nike running shoes, worn by Eliud Kichoge to break the 2-hour long-distance race, the Nike ZOOM AlphaFly Next% is likely the most questionable and the best running shoes ever. 

The AlphaFly is, without a doubt a stage on from the Vaporfly Next as well. It accompanies a natural mix of that enormous pile of high-energy return ZOOM X froth padding and a foot-long carbon fibre plate. Still, on the other hand, there’s presently an Air Zoom unit in the padded sole that offers extra solidness and a much more propulsive feel in the toe-off. The uppers have been updated too with another breathable featherweight AtomKnit weave.

It’s a shoe intended for moving at speed, and although it’s heavier at 232g than its 190g Vaporfly archetype, it feels quicker. It’s at its best over good ways from 5km up to a full long-distance race. Be that as it may, critically, it works when you’re running admirably, so it is again one of the best running shoes available on the market.


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best nike running shoes for women


3. HOKA Rincon 2 – best running shoes for flat feet

best nike running shoes for men


Heel drop: 5mm 

Weight: 218g (mens), 185g (womens)

Pros: Excellent flexibility; lightweight; roomy

Cons: Lacks solidness

There’s no plate in the Rincon. However, the profile is very close, and the Rincon is lighter than the Carbon X racer (underneath). That makes a shoe that is light, delicate and quick, sufficiently flexible to adapt when you hurry up on beat runs yet, also, gives adequate padding to simple cruising miles.

The lightweight EVA foam padded sole highlights HOKA’s MetaRocker for smooth changes. Yet, it’s less articulated than on a few and paired with a genuinely complete heap of that padded sole padding brings a good measure of strength that can even adapt to light going mud romping. Even though be cautioned, that sole tends to wear out before long. 

The Rincon 2’s stripped-back work uppers have been changed somewhat with a thinned down tongue yet they’re still broad and breezy with a nice open toe box. In contrast, the natural HOKA more profound footbed works somewhat like a hustling vehicle seat to support your foot pleasantly for some additional help. If you are looking for the best running shoes for flat feet, then this is the best option.

4. Inov-8 Terraultra G 270

best running shoes for beginners


Price: £145

Heel drop: 0mm

Weight: 270g

Pros: Unrivalled build and durability; excellent grip

Cons: Zero drops won’t suit each sprinter

Worn by ultra sprinter Damian Hall to crush the record for the quickest known time (FKT) to cover the 268-mile bimble along the Pennine Way, the Terraultra G 270 are ideal for long days on a blended landscape that could go from street to rough plunges. They highlight Inov-8’s mark graphene-improved outsole with 4mm hauls for magnificent grasp in more challenging conditions. 

You likewise get 3mm more Powerflow Max padded sole foam, a mix of materials with a higher level of TPU than the past shoe, the G260. Inov-8 says this conveys 20% more energy return and holds its ideal padding levels for twice the length of its archetype. 

The way that they’re zero-drop may not promptly suit sprinters used to running with a more significant heel-to-toe drop. They’re likewise heavier than the G260 – up to 10g to 270g – yet for a path shoe, they feel astoundingly light and agile on foot. The uppers furnish an excellent secure fit with space to flex when your feet swell up, and there’s no slipping in the shoe.

best running shoes for knee pain


5. Saucony Endorphin Pro – best stability running shoes

best running shoes for bad knees


Price: £190

Heel drop: 8mm 

Weight: 198g

Pros: Keenly priced; fast; some extra stability

Cons: Not exceptionally as well-cushioned; hard to get hold of

It’s bound to happen; however, Nike’s carbon-plate racers at long last have some opposition. The Endorphin Pro packs that equivalent quick mix of a carbon plate thus called super foam, to make a more propulsive run at maximum velocities. The S-molded carbon plate in these shoes combined with a PEBAX-based padded sole froth called PWRRUN PB – like the ZOOM-X froth you’ll discover in Nike’s top-performing Next%. You additionally get a designed work upper that is pleasantly breathable and some pretty negligible outsole elastic for a touch of added strength, while keeping things lightweight. 

Yet, what’s distinctive here is that you additionally get Saucony’s Speedroll innovation with some calculation in the underside plan that enables the foot to move forward. Your toe springs to turn out to be more proficient. Generally, the Endorphin Pro offers somewhat more soundness than the AlphaFly. That speed roll implies impact point strikers can appreciate the advantages the same amount as those mid and forefoot sprinters. If you are looking for the best stability running shoes, then this should be the best option.

6. Nike React Infinity Run – best stability running shoes

what are the best running shoes


Price: £140

Heel drop: 8mm 

Weight: 275g (mens), 230g (womens)

Pros: Good stability; roomy toe box; comfy uppers

Cons: Not so good at pace

Nike dispatched the Infinity Run with enormous cases about the shoe’s capability to forestall injury and keeping in mind that the examination behind that was very restricted, these offer an enjoyable ride for huge mileage at simpler movements. That makes it an incredible alternative as a regular preparing shoe for 10ks and more. 

Planned with a HOKA-like maximal way to deal with padding, the Run pack 24 per cent a more significant amount of light and springy React padded sole froth than past React shoes. 

The padded sole is additionally more extensive than most different shoes at the rear of the forefoot area and, alongside a few guide rails on each side, that tenderly aids the foot in a smooth, straight line, lessening side-to-side wobbling and development. 

Nike’s natural Flyknit uppers embrace the foot pleasantly without feeling prohibitive, and there’s a lot of squirm room in the toe box as well, both are recognizable enhancements for the first Epic React. With everything taken into account, this is a tremendous dependable workhorse of a shoe. And again it is one of the best stability running shoes available on the market.

high quality running shoes


7. Allbirds Dasher – best running shoes for beginners

best outdoor running shoes


Price: £120

Heel drop: 7mm 

Weight: 300g

Pros: More sustainable; excellent durability; machine washable

Cons: Very firm underfoot; limited to shorter, more comfortable miles only

If you need to put resources into running shoes that leave a lighter eco impression on the planet, your choices are minimal. Most elite footwear will, in general, be made predominantly from awful petro-compound based materials. Useful for setting park run PBs, not very significant for dealing with the planet. 

Allbird’s eco-accommodating Dasher (£120) changes out those plastics for more economical options including a sugar-stick based SweatFoam EVA padded sole froth, a eucalyptus-tree fibre upper and merino fleece lining. Allbirds says this slices the Dasher’s carbon impression to the only 9kg of CO2 per shoe, as much as 30%, not precisely a customary running shoe. 

This shoe isn’t in a similar section as the top presentation shoes; however, it looks and runs a lot like a firmer rendition of the famous Nike React Infinity Run. It’s not precisely as padded as Nike’s steady shoes however it’s shockingly able over more limited separations and good at simpler movements. Considering all the points, it is the best running shoes for beginners.

8. Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3

what are the best running shoes


Price: £57

Heel drop: 8mm 

Weight: 289g (mens) 230g (womens)

Pros: Real-time coaching, accurate distance tracking

Cons: Potentially too firm for some; lack traction in the wet

The most recent release (Under Armor’s HOVR Sonic 3 – from £57) has a sensor tucked into the sole of the correct shoe that tracks your run fundamentals including movement and separation. Yet additionally gives top to bottom experiences into significant running strategy details, for example, step length and rhythm. It’s practically similar to having the intensity of a GPS watch-cum-running structure tracker from your point of view. All the information is passed to the MapMyRun application for you to check later yet they’ve additionally now offer ongoing instructing through earphones so you can chip away at your structure mid-run. 

In case you’re a treadmill ordinary you can likewise utilize the sensor to associate with preparing application Zwift and make your indoor runs additionally intriguing by stepping the streets of the virtual universe of Watopia or one of the other Zwift courses. 

The Sonic is a touch lighter than the Machina and more insignificant than other Under Armor’s other associated shoes like the Guardian and Infinite. It runs firm underneath so in case you’re utilized to milder padding on the ground, these probably won’t suit. It is one of the high end running shoes with extra features like tracking the distance and other parameters with the help of sensors.

best running shoes for high arches


9. Hoka One One Unisex Carbon X SPE

best running shoes for women


Price: £170

Heel drop: 5mm 

Weight: 250g 

Pros: Speedy; cushioned; roomy

Cons: Limited edition

Hoka is most famous for its exceptionally padded, and profoundly stacked, mentors (it as of late made a move into waking boots, as well). The US organization indicated it likewise thinks about speed when it ventures things up a level with the first Carbon X, the brand’s perseverance racer answer to Nike’s Vaporfly 4% and Next% dashing shoes. What’s more, it kicked that on touch with another model – the Carbon X SPE – that presently includes a foot-embracing without tongue upper with a delicate work bootie. 

You get HOKA’s carbon fibre plate inside the shoe’s padded sole, intended to act like a spring, assisting with impelling sprinters forward when they toe-off from the beginning. 

The outcome? This shoe is suitable while having a simple measure of padding. You can feel its bent shape on each step, and the shoe turns out to be more responsive when you run quicker. It’s ideal for rhythm instructional courses and race days.  If you are looking for great running shoes to maintain high speed, then this is the best option.


We have come up with the top 9 best running shoes for men and women, based on the practical tests we conducted with our testers and the research work we have done. Hope we have given the reasons as well for the list of best running shoes we have provided here. In case of any queries , please leave a comment.

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