The Top 8 Best Hiking Jackets for Men

From high breezes to white-out snowstorms, anybody that heads into the mountains needs the best hiking jacket.

The appropriate response? A decent quality Hiking Jacket to keep you warm, dry, and agreeable, paying little mind to what the conditions may bring. Though there is an immense scope of various hiking jackets out there, there is no one-size-fits-all choice. 

It’s anything but difficult to get overpowered by the alternative’s entirety, from waterproof coats to winter coats. Fortunately, our group accomplished the leg work for you. We’re here to help you understand the best hiking jackets available in the market to help you discover and locate the ideal choices for your necessities. 

We’ve investigated the best men’s climbing coats so you can invest less energy exploring your apparatus and additional time getting a charge out of nature. Let’s dive into the best hiking jackets for Men.

Top 8 Best Hiking Jackets for Men:

  1. Helly Hansen Men’s Hiking Jacket with Hood
  2. Wantdo Men’s Outdoor Hiking Jacket with hood 
  3. GIVBRO Men’s Hiking jacket – best waterproof hiking jacket
  4. Columbia Men’s Roan Mountain Jacket with Hood
  5. Columbia men’s Watertight II Rain Jacket – best lightweight hiking jacket
  6. CAMO COLL Men’s Outdoor Hiking jacket with Hood
  7. Charles River Apparel men’s New Englander Waterproof Hiking jacket 
  8. KISCHERS Men’s Waterproof Jackets with Hood – best hiking jackets for cold weather
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best rain jacket for hiking
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1. Helly Hansen Men’s Hiking Jacket with Hood

Price: $100

The Helly Hansen Seven J downpour coat is the best hiking jacket available in the market which includes “Hellytech Protection,” which offers waterproof, breathable, and windproof configurations to keep you dry and agreeable on your outside undertakings. 

Alongside this, it includes Helly Tech 2 Ply texture, which assists with keeping water out of your coat, and breathable enough so that sweat vanishes off of you and keeps you dry. It’s genuinely intended to be worn on the highest point of your warm layer, and afterward, this coat will keep you and your layers dry. Numerous individuals believe this coat to be an incredible all-around downpour coat that is useful for both a stroll around town and a wet climb in the mountains. 

This coat is certainly sharp enough to be utilized as a regular coat, and it highlights 27 distinctive shading choices! Concerning temperature, this coat is suggested for 40 degrees or more. That being stated, you can utilize this coat for a lot colder as long as you have a warm layer underneath the skin. Also, the hood on this coat helps you to prevent water and wind out of your eyes. In general, this is an extraordinary determination for somebody searching for a quality downpour coat that is sufficiently trendy to wear around town alongside having the option to be utilized for a climb. 

It is our top pick and one of the best hiking jackets available on the market as of now.

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2. Wantdo Men’s outdoor Hiking Jacket with hood

Price: $80

Wantdo is an open airway of life organization that centers around providing valid and mechanically progressed attire. Wantdo appears to zero in on giving reasonable section level outside clothing, which they can be glad to offer to clients. This Wantdo downpour coat is another abdomen length downpour coat that is very lightweight and works admirably at keeping you dry. This coat is waterproof and windproof and makes a respectable showing with permitting ventilation to keep it breathable, so it is again one of the best hiking jacket available on the market.

The polyester configuration keeps it lightweight and is highlighted in five distinctive shading styles. Alongside this, this coat highlights two-hand pockets, with one on each side, one little chest pocket for keys or money, and one enormous internal chest pocket. That being stated, this coat is very incredibly worth dependent on the cost, yet on the off chance that you are searching for a genuine outside downpour coat, at that point, you may need to go through somewhat more cash.

 This is undoubtedly an excellent choice for essential day climbs, where the possibility of downpour is pretty high. This coat will keep you dry and shielded from precipitation and twist, yet it isn’t incredible at keeping you warm during the chilly climate. Generally speaking, if you are searching for a mellow climate climb or even a coat for around town, at that point, this Wantdo Men’s Hooded Jacket is a fantastic choice that is incredibly reasonable!

It is our second choice in the list of best hiking jackets and still a better option for day climbs, where the possibility of downpour is pretty high.

best waterproof jacket hiking


3. GIVBRO Men’s Waterproof Hiking jacket 

Price: $40

GIVBRO is a generally new organization that predominantly centers around downpour coats and different outside/climbing coats. This GIVBRO coat is a severe decent worth. It is one of the most affordable skins on our rundown, which settles on an excellent decision for those hoping to try things out before hopping into a superior buy. This coat is an abdomen length downpour coat made of 100% polyester with a broad hood and even highlights waterproof pockets. 

This coat is intended to be waterproof and windproof, and the polyester makes it very tough. Alongside this, this coat is planned with flexible Velcro sleeves to keep your water out and your under-layers dry. On the off chance that you plan on utilizing this coat in a substantial downpour, at that point, you will be glad to hear that this coat includes a tempest hood. This is both detachable and customizable, and when appended, it hinders the downpour and wind from your face.

Generally, this GIVBRO waterproof open-air downpour coat is ideal for somebody searching for a comfortable choice that will guard their dry and from the components during a day climb. Even though this coat’s nature is still exceptionally high, it doesn’t include the same number of innovative advances as a portion of the pricier skins on this rundown. In any case, that being stated, on the off chance that you are searching for an easy coat that is extraordinary for most day climbs, at that point, GIVBRO is an unprecedented decision and for people looking for the best hiking jacket with waterproof options.

4. Columbia Men’s Roan Mountain Jacket with Hood

Price: $48

This mountain coat highlights 21 novel shading styles, which are each of the two-shading plans. This lightweight coat is genuinely intended to be an ordinary coat with a trace of toughness to it. This mountain coat is promoted as water safe, making it a decent answer for light sprinkles, yet it isn’t exactly the level to ensure you against heavy storms. 

That being stated, the Roan Mountain Jacket works superbly to ensure against the wind and highlights a movable drawstring hood that helps your face and eyes. This coat is incredibly lightweight and is an extraordinary ordinary coat for around town. It is fabricated out of nylon, which keeps it breathable and climate-safe. By and large, this mountain coat is a shocking decision in the event that you are searching for a coat that you can wear on mellow to cool days around town. 

It could also be a decent decision for casual day climbs that you need a little insurance from the breeze and downpour. That being stated, even though this isn’t intended to be an outrageous climate coat, you can at present take comfort in realizing that Columbia’s craftsmanship will ensure that you get a quality coat that will last you years to come.

best hiking jackets for cold weather


5. Columbia men’s Watertight II Rain Jacket – best lightweight hiking jacket

Price: $50

Columbia is probably the most significant producer of open-air attire on the planet and is an easily recognized name! Columbia Sportswear was established in 1938, and they esteem inventive and socially mindful items. The Watertight II coat is a great lightweight coat that highlights in 22 diverse shading styles. 

This coat is made out of nylon and polyester, which gives it its waterproof and windproof characteristics. This coat is an excellent alternative for cold Fall and Spring days and to stay away from light showers. The Watertight II includes a front zip hood that highlights work drawstrings to help you pull your hood tight. The beneficial thing about this hood is that it makes significant progress enough forward that it will shield your face from the breeze and the downpour. It includes a very delicate layer of wreck within the coating, which causes the coat to feel quite comfortable.

However, it isn’t intended for an incredibly chilly climate. This coat additionally includes a zipped pocket on each side, close to the hip. In general, this is an extraordinary quality outside skin that will shield you from the components on your day climbs. This coat is sufficiently lightweight to fit in your pack, and it likewise is breathable enough that you won’t need to stress over perspiring. 

This is an extraordinary choice for those searching for the best lightweight hiking jacket from a trustworthy brand that will last you years to come.

6. CAMO COLL Men’s Outdoor Hiking jacket with Hood

Price: $45

Camo Coll is another more youthful brand that centers around outside attire. This outside strategic coat is an incredible incentive to customers searching for an easygoing outdoor game coat. This coat is viewed as a soft external shell coat, which is intended to be worn over sweaters and different layers to help face outrageous climate. This coat is made of 94% polyester and 6%; these materials give it a casual vibe and a tad of stretch, making it breathable. 

This coat is water-safe and windproof, which makes it extraordinary for climbing and strolling around town. This coat is genuinely incredible for temperatures between 32 degrees and 70 degrees. Alongside this, this coat is very waterproof and does amazingly well in storms. It’s pretty uncommon to discover coats in this value reach to be waterproof as opposed to water-safe. Alongside that, this coat has ventilation zippers underneath the armpits to keep you cool and breathable. By and large, this coat is amazingly flexible and genuinely permits you to utilize this coat for almost any free air movement. 

The skin is waterproof and allows you to use it in storms and mellow and dry days. Since this coat is so adaptable, and the sticker price is generally low, this settles on an extraordinary decision for somebody searching for an outer skin for any of their number one open-air exercises!

best women's rain jacket for hiking


7. Charles River Apparel men’s New Englander Waterproof Hiking jacket

Price: $51

An incredibly useful and budget-friendly climbing coat intended to take on the brutal New England winter climate and give solace and warmth during numerous outside exercises – genuine climbing precipitation gear. This polyurethane parka is welded to a woven back to support texture quality.

Daylong explorers will value the reality that its inside is fixed with work to guarantee wind stream dissemination and incorporates fabric nylon inside the sleeves for necessary on/off. The coat has a roomy hood, a stun line drawstring to help an open sew, offers simple access using front-vented capes, and a front zipper with two-way development, which considers the opportunity of movement. 

This modified rainwear makes as much an announcement about style as it does about utility. It is accessible in nine tones. Everyone can combine with organizing New Englander® Rain Pants in coordinating tones. Other coat highlights we discovered worth referencing:

We covered zipper pockets.

  • Movable tab sleeves with circle and snare conclusion.
  • 3M ™ Reflective trim over the back for better perceivability in low-light settings.

The best part is that the New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket is accessible in nine sizes, from an additional little to 5XL.

It is again one of the best options for people who are looking for the best hiking jacket with waterproof options.

8. KISCHERS Men’s Waterproof Jackets with Hood – best hiking jackets for cold weather

Kischers waterproof hiking jacket is intended to deal with outrageous components. It is designed to be cold safe, completely waterproof, and ultimately wind evidence. Alongside this, this softshell coat is breathable even with the waterproof material. 

This coat is planned out of 100% polyester, with movable Velcro sleeves to help keep the downpour and wind out of your sleeves. Additionally, this coat includes a hood that can be changed through drawstrings to help keep the components out of your face. On the off chance that you are hoping to lose much more weight, you can separate the hood before climbing! This coat is additionally amazingly lightweight and weighs around 650 grams.

Alongside this, the skin highlights four pockets, one on each side by the hips, one little front pocket, and one gigantic pocket within the coat. Generally, this is a very worth inviting coat that is genuinely intended to deal with chilly climate alongside wet climate. 

This coat is waterproof and does very well with weather that is in the ’30s and ’40s. This coat is an excellent decision for those searching for a warm Winter/Fall coat that needs a coat to withstand the components. It is one of the best hiking jackets for cold weather.


Finally, we have so many best hiking jackets for men to browse that it tends to be amazingly precarious to pick only one for the entirety of our outside needs. Actually, with regards to hiking jackets for men, there are endless sorts of layers that you truly shouldn’t anticipate finding a one-size-fits-all alternative for each circumstance. 

In reality, committed explorers will do well to have a bunch of various hiking jackets, each intended for a particular arrangement of conditions in the boondocks. With a scope of multiple coats in our packs, we can blend and match to layer our coats fittingly to keep us warm and dry, whatever the conditions. 

By talking about the benefits of every one of the various kinds of hiking jackets, we can better understand what conditions they’re best used for, which permits us to make an ultimate gear list for our needs for a better experience in the mountains. In case of any queries, please leave a comment.

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