About Us

Have you ever wanted to buy a product and been stumped about which product is best? Or bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? I have, and that is why we have started Fashion Network.

Here’s how it works:

  • We select the best products in each category.
  • We buy the products and review ourselves, at retail just like you, to help assure complete objectivity and independence in our ratings. We will not accept free evaluation units from manufacturers.
  • Our testing team put the products through detailed side-by-side tests, both in the lab and in the field, and carefully assess performance, ease of use, and reliability.
  • We rank the products, explain the reasons.
  • After our testing and reviews are finished, we write the posts with affiliate links, so that It would benefit both the readers and the publishers.




A few links on our blog posts are affiliate links, which means we earn money out of them when you click the link and purchase the product, and it won’t cost you any extra money when you purchase after clicking the affiliate links. It helps us to earn money and come up with much better content.